Rural America’s Grocery Store

“It’s just closer,” said Mr. Watson, a 53-year-old construction worker who filled his cart with cans of chicken soup, crackers, cold cuts and toilet paper. “We call this the Evensville Wal-Mart.’ ’’

breakfast cereal, toilet paper, plastic toys and camouflage-pattern socks. Refrigerators and freezers on one wall hold milk, eggs and frozen pizza.

Being on a fixed income, parents have no choice but to buy the food that is going to feed everyone and cannot choose the food that is going to give everyone the nutrition they need.


“Food desert residents do have access to food, but it’s just unhealthy food. And since these areas are loaded with unhealthy, fatty foods, the obesity rate in food deserts is higher than the rest of the United States”. [3]

“There is a 26% higher chance of a child being obese when they live in a rural area.” [4] Children do not have choice to pick and choose what is in their pantries but some parents do not have access to fresh and nutritious food.

The quality of food that is available in these rural areas are poor. Healthy food is outrageously expensive and this doesn’t leave parents with a lot of options. [4]

Stores like dollar generals are popping up everywhere in rural America. These stores are awesome when it comes to bringing access to basic household items but they do not have any fresh home grown food. The food provided in dollar generals are canned and full of processed goods.

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